Bodies of Work

Selected Works

Fragmented Hosts

Media: Oil pastel and ink on Coventry rag paper, average size 38 x 38"

Continuing in the spirit of the Heartthrobs and Avatars here is the beginning of the iconic playboys, warriors and an anachronistic mix of Egyptology and Pop.

Beginning in May 2011 and continuing through the present I began making work using iconic characters, imagery and symbols. There are three tributaries of this idea. Prominent hearts in chest x-rays are prompting the Heartthrobs, interest in Avatars from Eastern religion and Greek Mythology push the Avatars, and ubiquitous commercial papers are the vehicle for Street Paper Collages.

Embroidering MRIs is new for me in 2011. The repetition of the image and slow progression of the body part from frame to frame provides a 'wallpaper' and shift in the relationship between the embroidered imagery and the medical photograph.

Here find new work as I make it


My project for early 2010 was the creation of a fictitious company, Crimini Couture. Crimini being the Italian word for crimes, the merchandising campaign for Crimini Couture features models on crime scenes, being arrested and incarcerated while modeling my comic couture designs. Crime sells the news, movies, video games, celebrities - can crime sell high fashion?

Redefinition motivates me to create my embroidered x-rays. The stark clash of two such divergent materials, cloth and plastic, is the simple catalyst. One tactile and labor intensive, the other technical, and quickly a finished product. There’s a wide historical context, one ancient, decorative, and artisanal, the other contemporary and devoid of aesthetic intention. By simply placing one of these materials on top of the other the understood purpose of each is redefined.

In 2005 while living in the Catskills I concocted the Wonderful family. Twenty-seven members strong, the Wonderfuls each have been incarcerated in the State Penetentiary in Catskill, New York, for various absurd crimes. Generally well-meaning, but living outside of the expected bounds of the law, the Wonderfuls lead a colorful high-altitude existence. Meet a few of the members.


A Moment on the Lips is a group of oil paintings that was an exercise in approaching painting as drawing by reducing the palette to an almost monochromactic state and the subject matter to simple studies of figures eating food.


Here read excerpts from the fictitious novel, Born To Serve Time, which tells the individual stories of the Wonderfuls, a crime-destined family from the Catskills.