"...the work is meticulously made. Matthew Cox's hand-embroidered x-rays are creepy fun, transposing colorful, light-hearted tapestries of yellow tulips and smiley faces onto somber gray-and-black images of the human skeleton." -Philadelphia Enquirer, 2011


"Cox's technique alone is arresting. This kind of richness seems impossible on a plastic surface. But much more powerful is his straightforward statement of the mortal facts, like something out of a New England cemetery: here is the life we want; here the bone beneath." - Chicago Reader


"You don't need a critic to tell you that Matthew Cox is a terrific artist. The Renaissance-influenced paintings are gorgeous by anyone's standards." - Times-Picayune


"Artist Matthew Cox achieves a revivification of the clinical image, tantamount almost to a 'reverse x-ray'. With these embroidered images Cox offers a glimpse into the possibilities represented by the sterile, shadowy, indifferent world of the radiology films. Which is the reality, the living self the artist re-creates for each diagnostic film, or the bony structures the x-rays reveal, which will be all that remain once we are gone? Both. The interplay of oppositions and contrasts make these lively works." - Artscope


"Matthew Cox's work traverses the milieu of the Masters and the pastiche of pop. The best of the best." - Times-Picayune


"Seen from a distance they look precise and detailed a la van Eyck or Botticelli, but up close the brush work is really very sketchy, generating an illusion of crispness that is almost as impressive as actual precision might have been." - Gambit Weekly


"The paintings and stamp drawings in "Painted, Stamped and Stitched" are as good as ever, but his new embroidered x-rays steal the show. Cox remains one of the most skilled, most inventive, most mercurial and most endearingly twisted of Big Easy artists. Bravo." - Times-Picayune